Activities that contaminate soil

Source: Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks

List of industrial and commercial activity areas can contaminate soil and groundwater This list is provided to address three specific uses, including: 1.the application protection component described in Chapter 5; 2.The application of the intervention program provided in Section 6.4; 3.The establishment of a mandatory environmental profile within a reuse project specified in Section 6.2

Grands-groupes, description Sous-groupes* Description des sous-groupes Utilisation
1 2 3
Mines 0611 Gold Mines x x x
0612 Copper Mines x x x
0614 Zinc Mines x x x
0617 Iron Mines x x x
0619 Other Metal Mines x x x
0621 Asbestos Mines x x x
Extraction of oil and natural gas 0711 Extraction of oil and antural gas x x x
Industries of rubber products 1511 Industries of tires and air chambers x x x
1521 Industries of casing and rubber belts     x
1599 Other industries of ruber products     x
Products industries in plastic 1611 Product  industric in plastic, foam & blown     x
1621 Industries of pipes, pipes fitting plastic     x
1631 Industries of film and sheet plastic     x
1641 Industries of products in plastics laminated under pressure or reinforced.     x
1651 Industries of architecture products in the field of plastic.     x
1661 Industries containing field of plastic (exept foam)     x
1691 Industries of bags in the field of plastic     x
1699 Other industries in the field of plastic     x
Leather industries and related products 1711 Tannery x x x
Industries of textile products 1911 Industries processing and felt natural fibres.     x
1921 Industries of mats, matting & carpette     x
1992 Industrie of dying and finishing     x
Wood industries 2512 Industries of sawmills products and planer mill     x
2522 Against-plate of hardwood or softwood     x
2591 Wood preservation x x x
2593 Industries of agglomerated pannels x x x

Industries of paper and paper products

(Note : Actions will be harmonised with PRRI)

2711 Industries of paste and paper x x x
2712 Industries of newspaper x x x
2713 Industries of cardboard x x x
2714 Industries of pannels and construction paper x x x
2719 Other industries of paper x x x
2721 Industries of paper at asphalted covers x x x
Industries of the first transformaiton of metals 2911 Industries of ferro-alloys x x x
2912 Steele foundry x x x
2919 Other industries of steele x x x
2921 Industries of tubes and pipes in steele x x x
2941 Iron foundry x x x
2951 Aluminum production of first fusion x x x
2959 Others industries of melting and refined of non-ferrous metals x x x
2961 Aluminum laminating     x
2962 Molding and extrusion of aluminum     x
2971 Lamination, molding and extrusion of copper allow     x
2999 Others industries for lamination, molding and extruding of non-ferrous metals     x
Industries (manufacturing) of metal produts (exept machinery and material for transportation) 3011 Industries of strong sheet products     x
3031 Industries of metallic doors and windows     x
3039 Other industries for metal product ornement and architectural     x
3041 Coating on demand of metal products x x x
3042 Industries of containers and closure in metal     x
3052 Industries of wires and cables in metal     x
3059 Others industries of products in metal wires (welding electrodes) x x x
3081 Machining worksop     x
3092 Industries of valves in metal     x
3099 Others industries of prodcuts in metal     x
Industries (manufacturing) for transportation material 3211 Industries of aircrafts and its pieces     x
3231 Industries of automotive vehicules     x
3261 Industries of railway material     x
3271 Industries of construction and boating reperation     x
Industries (manufacturing) for electric and electronic products 3371 Industries for electric transformators     x
3372 Industries for electric material for comutation and protection     x
3379 Others industries for industrial electric using material     x
3381 Industries for electrics wires and cables     x
3391 Accumulators x x x
Industries for petrolium products and coal 3611 Refined petrolium products    (except oils and greases) x x x
3612 Greasing oils and greasing lubricants x x x
3699 Others industries for petrolium products and coal (exept fabricant of bituminous concrete) x x x
Chemicals Industries 3711 Inorganic chemicals products for industrial uses x x x
3712 Organic chemical products for industrial usesl x x x
3729 Others industries of chemical prodcuts for agricultural uses x x x
3731 Plastics matters and synthetic resins x x x
3751 Paints and varnishes x x x
3791 Printing inks x x x
3792 Adherant x x x
3793 Explosives and munitions x x x
3799 Others industries of chemicals products
Transports (by air, by water and on rails). Exclude trucking, common transport and taxis 4521 Exploitation and aircraft maintenance     x
4523 Aircraft maintenance     x
4532 Services related to railway transport (Station, terminus, wagon cleaning)     x
4551 Handling of cargo in ports     x
4559 Others services related to water transportation (locks, docks and headlights)     x
Transports by pipelines od petolium products and others (but natural gaz)         x
Others public services    4911 Production and distribution of electricity (Processing post only)     x
4999 Others public services   (exploitation of dumps, incinerators, used snow dumps)     x
Wholesale of petrolium products 5112   x
Wholesales of diverse products 5911 Recuperation and automobile dismantling     x
5912 Wholesales of scrap and old metals     x
5919 Others wholesales of rebus and material recoveries    
5939 Wholesales of chemical products (agricultural using) and other agricultural furnitures     x
5971 Wholesales of chemical products for industrial and home uses    
Wholesales of automobile vehicule, pieces and acessoriess 6331 Service gas station     x
Storage after excavation of residual materials and contaminated soils     x
Transfert centre of résiduals materials and contaminated soils x   x
Definitive dumps of resiuals materials3 and contaminated soils x x x
Treatment of residual material and contam inated soils (mechanical, chemical, mechamico-chemical, biological, thermic, others...) x2 x

¹ Only part of this activity is referred.

² Only if treatment facilities are fixed.

3 Excluding the final solid waste disposal (landfills, dry materials, etc..).

* Classification of Economic Activities of Quebec Bureau of Statistics of Quebec, 1990.