Asbestos exposure prevention

Source: Workplace Health and Safety

Prevent the exposure of workers to asbestos

In Quebec, it is possible to find materials and products that contain asbestos in building components, facilities and equipment of all types of buildings, whether industrial, commercial, public or residential. Asbestos fibers can detach from certain materials or products when they are in poor condition or when work is performed on them.

To ensure the health and physical integrity of workers, new regulations on the safe management of asbestos in force since 6 June 2013. These provisions are designed to reduce the exposure of workers to asbestos dust.

They mainly concern:

  • The location of fireproofing and insulating in some buildings in the year;
  • Verification of the presence of asbestos in materials and products that may contain, before being made to work may cause dust emissions;
  • The obligation to take corrective measures to sprayed, the thermal insulation and linings containing or likely to contain asbestos loss of integrity;
  • Recording and disclosure.