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For more informations regarding a suspected mold issue in your property, our team will be pleased to help you. Our business operates in the entire Quebec Province. Toll free : 1-888-748-1441

Montreal, South Shore

  •  Gino Dechamplain, B.A.A., M. Env.
    Specialists: Industrial Hygiene, Molds, Asbestos, Radon, Soil; Laboratory: Asbestos; Office Directors: Longueuil
    Master's degree in Environment, Certified IICRC, McRI (Mold), NRPP (Radon), OSHA/AHERA, McRI (Asbestos), Certified in Infrared Thermography
    T. 450-748-1441 #105
    C. 514-586-2287

  •  Arnaud Louapre, M. Env.
    Specialist: Industrial Hygiene, Molds, Asbestos, Water
    T. 450-748-1441 #103
    C. 514-549-0191
  •  Paula Morales
    Environmental Technician
    T. 450-748-1441 #116

  •  Alexandre Gobeil, B. Sc. Biology
    Specialist: Molds
    M. Sc., Environmental Health and Workplace Health
    Environmental Consultant
    T. 450-748-1441
    C. 438-993-470

Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Outaouais

  •  Patrick Champagne, B.Sc
    Specialist: Industrial Hygiene, Molds; Office Directors: Blainville
    T. 450-748-1441 #109
    C. 514-549-1277


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Longueuil (QC) J4K 3R5



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