HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Source: Society of Canadian Mortgage and Housing

What are the benefits of HEPA vacuums?

Ordinary vacuums capture large particles only. Small mold spores are rendered in indoor air. HEPA vacuum cleaners are equipped with a HEPA filter able to capture these small particles. Central vacuum connected outside evacuate mold spores. Common portable vacuums are suitable only if they are connected to the outside. By vacuuming, it helps to remove dust deposits that, over time, accumulate mold spores. Reducing dust deposits will reduce mold.

If we pass the vacuum cleaner (ordinary, central or HEPA), dust and mold is lifted. Wear a dust mask to avoid breathing more mold.

HEPA vacuum or vacuum evacuation outside it is recommended only in severe cases of mold?

Regularly vacuum HEPA or external exhaust to prevent accumulation of dust and mold. More severe the mold problem is, more needed the use of this type of vacuum. When the furniture was wet or exposed to moisture for long periods, the HEPA vacuum or external exhaust will probably be insufficient to remove mold hidden under the surface. It is better to throw away the contaminated item.

Where do we find HEPA vacuums?

The vacuum merchants offer this type of vacuum cleaners. Consider buying one to upgrade your current equipment. Mold or not, a HEPA vacuum proves a wise long-term investment. A generic canister vacuum HEPA costs about $ 300. The vacuum of the same type, but more expensive brands. Check with the merchant if he rents HEPA vacuums. Specialists in mold problem that clean or renovate houses should also have this type of vacuum cleaner.