Molds - Air quality

You suspect a problem with the presence of mold in your building, you have difficulty breathing, or the quality of the air in your living space is a concern, decontamination work has been made and you want to make sure the quality of the air is healthy now, do not hesitate to contact us, our team of specialists will be happy to inform you about the appropriate steps to be taken without delay. Thus, in addition to microbial inspection of the building we offer, Enviro-option Inc. also offers tests on the quality of ambient air following:

  • Analysis of mold in the air
  • Tests of control, following remediation

We are proud to have made more than 8000 analyzes to date and cummulate over 20 years experience in this field.

Analysis of mold in the air

Mold analysis in ambient air

Enviro-option Inc. offers professional services for sampling and analysis of mold spores in the ambient air by the method 367 of the IRSST. Typically, three samples were taken, including one outside for purposes of comparison. The collection, made in less than an hour, will give you the correct time for the presence or absence of fungal contamination in your building. The sample is then analyzed by a laboratory accredited by the MDDELCC for quantification and identification of spore genera and species laboratory as required. Following the analysis, a complete report of the situation in respect of mold will be issued within 5 to 10 business days. Please note, however, that only a complete inspection will help you identify the source of contamination.

Mold in ambient air : Test of control

Following decontamination, it is recommended to check the effectiveness of remediation. Using the same methodology as the sampling and analysis of mold in the air, the control test ensures that the fungal decontamination were performed adequately and safely. Our team of specialists will take care of the sample that is then analyzed by an accredited laboratory for the quantification and identification of the spores to the genera and species, as required.

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