Staff training and indoor air quality expertise

Formation and expertise on indoor air quality

Formation on the microbiology of the building: mold inspection and remediation

We offer training programs and conferences on the mold, the effects on health, the detection and prevention of the sources of mold and the procedures and protocols of remediation. The courses are tailored to the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs. The formation is offered in the form of a seminar or still of course accredited by the IICRC for 1 credit in continuing education. The courses are offered among other at Fournitures Sélect in Montreal.

Expertise in indoor air quality: mold, bacteria, asbestos, radon, environmental hygiene

The formation is given by Gino Dechamplain, founding president of Enviro-option inc. He is a holder of a Masters in Environment (M. Env.) and is a specialist in indoor air quality.

Gino Dechamplain has conducted analyses and investigation in more than 2500 companies and residences. In addition, he regularly participates in workshops, training courses and certifications related to its domain to increase his knowledge.

Among others, he has followed and successfully completed the following courses in each of the respective forthright action (certificates in support):

Inspection of molds and decontamination

  • Training and certification in the restoration of damage caused by water from the IICRC;
  • Training and certification in inspection and decontamination of molds of the IICRC;
  • Training in inspection of molds of the IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association);
  • Training and certification in thermography SNELL (infrared camera);
  • Training on the approach to the management of mold in buildings: University of Tulsa.

Inspection of the asbestos and project management of asbestos removal

  • Training and certification of the AHERA in inspection of buildings that may contain asbestos;
  • Training and certification of the AHERA in project management for buildings containing asbestos.

Inspection and measurements of radon in buildings

  • Training and certification as an inspector in measurement of Radon by the RPPOS;
  • Certification by the RPPOS as measurement laboratory in the short and long term.

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