Radon : Radon test in your home and building

Laboratory radon test - services (ACE Laboratories accredited by the C-NRPP)

Enviro-option offers test with it's partnership with ACE Laboratories and inspection services for Radon gas in accordance with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - USA) and Health Canada's recommendations. 
Our professionals are certified in the measurement and analysis of short and long term radon in the Quebec province by the C-NRPP, a certification recognized by Health Canada.


Both short-term and long-term Radon analysis are offered according to your needs. Radon test results and report will be ready within 48 hours following receipt of the instruments in our office. Our instrumentation includes the electret ion chamber technology. This technology consistently outperformed all other radon testing methods in the USEPA Radon Measurement Proficiency Program.

Higher concentration of Radon can be found in areas that where previously not target has being problematic. For example, our latest results show high concentrations of Radon gas (above 200Bq/m3) in areas that were not targeted buy public studies as problematic.

For further information on how to minimize your risk or health effects of radon, please consult this Health Canada' article "Radon and Health" in our Problems section.

For further information on radon test contact-us at (450)748-1441