Soil Analysis

The concrete slab of your basement is damaged, you are thinking to buy or sell a property for which the inspection revealed a risk of soil contamination, your creditor recommend the completion of an environmental assessment, or, you fear devaluation of the value of your property ? Enviro-option Inc. can help you.

Soil analyzes

Enviro-option Inc. offers professional environmental site assessment services (Phases 1 and 2), soil characterization, and pyrite test.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase 1

The main purpose of the Environmental Site Assessment Phase I objective is to detect evidence of actual and potential contamination of the site.

Specifically, Phase I is to evaluate existing information, collected by the study of historical and current issues regarding the property, the site visit and interviews.

Following this assessment, our team will be able to determine whether the soil and water of the study area have, under the laws and regulations currently in force, potentially harmful contamination to the environment or to health human. This contamination can result from past and current activities carried out in this field, or come from the immediate vicinity.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase 2

The main objective of the Environmental Site Assessment Phase II is to confirm the absence or presence of environmental impacts in soil and groundwater associated with actual or potential sources of contamination of soil and groundwater suspected or identified during a previous Phase I Environmental Assessment.

Soil sampling

To determine the environmental site quality, soil sampling and soil testing, and sometimes water are collected for analysis. The results are generally compared to the generic criteria of Policy Protection and Contaminated Sites Rehabilitation Policy (1999, revised in 2001) of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks (MDDELCC) and / or standards for wastewater discharges into municipal sewer systems.

Following the analysis of samples and receipt of analytical laboratory results and their comparison with the criteria, our team of specialists will be able to determine the environmental quality of a site (or part thereof), and if applicable, the extent and severity of the contamination of soil and groundwater. The quantities of contamination manage based on criteria and standards established materials can also be estimated.

Pyrite test

Originally, pyrite (sedimentary soft rock like clay) is a iron sulfide mineral, finding themselves naturally in many rock formations. However, its use as fill under floor slabs of buildings, and for a few decades now confronts many homeowners an important issue, usually resulting in major repairs and loss of property value of the building.

The deterioration phenomena of the basement and consequently the structure of the building is due to the swelling backfill containing this pyrite material, due to the presence of favorable physico-chemical conditions (moisture and oxygen) to the oxidation of pyrite. The pyrite test conducted by our team of experts aims to identify the matrix forming the embankment, and subsequently analyze its potential for expansion.

Pyrite test

Pyrite is present in a relatively frequent in the regional bedrock, the purpose of the test is therefore not necessary to determine the amount of pyrite, but the quality of the embankment as a whole, and from a point of view its potential swelling.

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