Environmental Site Assessment (ESA - Phase I)

The main purpose of the Environmental Site Assessment Phase I is to detect evidence of actual and potential contamination of the site. Soil and potential of contamination Fire insurance planSpecifically, Phase I is to evaluate existing information, collected by the study of historical and current issues regarding the property, the site visit and interviews.

Following this assessment, our team will be able to determine whether the soil and water of the study area have, under the laws and regulations currently in force, potential harmful contamination to the environment or to the human health. This contamination can result from past and current activities carried out in this field, or come from the immediate vicinity.

Soil and potential of contamination Fire insurance plan

Indices and risk of soil contamination

To get clues and accurate information concerning the potential risk of contamination of a property, the following steps are taken:

  • Search titles Office of the District Registrar;
  • Research plans for fire insurance;
  • Review of aerial photographs old and new;
  • Search previous reports on the environmental conditions of the site, potential soil contamination;
  • Visit and comprehensive review of current activities at the site;
  • Interviews with key people who knows the site;
  • Review of geological maps (surficial geology);
  • Review of the ground surface and found irregularities;
  • Check the disposal and storage of hazardous materials (waste oil, paint, etc.);
  • Determination of the activities of immediate neighbors and identification of hazardous activities;
  • Consultation directories of existing environmental information;
  • Application for access to information from government and municipal authorities to verify the existence of records of an environmental nature;
  • Location places a high potential for contamination on the site.

Soil and potential of contamination aerial photography

No samples of soil, water or air is drawn in a Phase I ESA.

All evaluations are conducted according to the principles of the Canadian CSA Standard Z768-01 and the recommendations of the Guide for the characterization of contaminated sites (MDDELCC).

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