Environmental Site Assessment (ESA - Phase II)

The main objective of the Environmental Site Assessment Phase II is to confirm the absence or presence of environmental impacts in soil and groundwater associated with actual or potential sources of contamination of soil and groundwater suspected or identified during a previous Phase I Environmental Assessment.

To determine the environmental quality of a site, soil, and sometimes water are collected for analysis. The results of laboratory analysis of soils testing are generally compared to the generic criteria of Policy Protection and Contaminated Sites Rehabilitation Policy (1999, revised in 2001) of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Parks (MDDELCC) and / or standards for wastewater discharges into municipal sewer systems.

Soil drilling

Following the analysis of samples and receipt of analytical laboratory results and their comparison with the criteria, our team of specialists will be able to determine the environmental quality of a site (or part thereof), and if applicable, the extent and severity of the contamination of soil and groundwater. The quantities of manageable contamination based on established criteria and standards can also be estimated.

Soil sampling, soil testing and analysis of soil contamination

To confirm the absence or presence of soil contamination, the following steps are taken:

  • Analysis of available documentation;
  • Location of underground services,
  • Sampling and analysis of soil,
  • Establishment of a characterization plan;
  • Implementation of holes (holes or trenches);
  • Soil sampling;
  • Installation and development of monitoring wells (if required or optional);
  • Sampling of groundwater (if required or optional);
  • Statement of vapors;
  • Creation of a piezometric survey and survey (if required or optional);
  • Conducting chemical analyzes of selected samples;
  • Analysis of the results in terms of the criteria;
  • Writing a letter report or a full report including recommendations.

Soil sampling

Enviro-option Inc. offers professional services of soil sampling and analysis of the potential for contamination, regarding petroleum hydrocarbons (heating oil and hydraulic oil,polycyclic hydrocarbons alyphatiques), tetrachlorethylene or perchlorethylene (PCE or PERC), VOC and metals. All characterizations are performed according to the recommendations of the Guide Site Characterization (MDDELCC) and Sampling Guide for environmental purposes.

Soil analyzes

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