Oil Tank Dismantling

Although a vast majority of these properties in Quebec now use electricity as the main heating mode, many of them used or used oil or heating oil.

Various types of storage tanks for oil exist, but ultimately, the major difference lies in the fact that they may have been installed underground or above the ground.

Underground tanks

In both cases, the latter because of their wear, may affect or contaminate the soil and groundwater on your property, so insidueuse releasing their contents. However, if in the case of a tank above ground, wear and leaks underlying are fairly easy to spot, an underground tank does not allow the same visibility.

Dismantling of oil tanks

Our expert team offers a professional service for checking the quality of the soil due to the removal and disposal of tank-said, pumping contaminated water (if necessary). Following the work Tank Removal a comprehensive report showing the dismantling of the equipment and the quality of the soil in place you will be provided.

Oil Tank Dismantling

In case you have any doubt about the presence of an underground storage tank on your property, an Environmental Site Assessment Phase I is required.

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