Pyrite Test

Originally, pyrite (sedimentary soft rock like clay) is a iron sulfide mineral, finding themselves naturally in many rock formations. However, its use as fill under floor slabs of buildings, and for a few decades now confronts many homeowners an important issue, usually resulting in major repairs and loss of property value of the building.

The phenomenon of deterioration of the basement and consequently the structure of the building is due to the swelling backfill containing this material, due to the presence of favorable physico-chemical conditions (moisture and oxygen) to the oxidation of pyrite.

Pyrite test

The pyrite test conducted by our team of experts aims to identify the matrix forming the embankment, and subsequently analyze its potential for expansion.

Pyrite is present in a relatively frequent in the regional bedrock, the purpose of the test is therefore not necessary to determine the amount of pyrite, but the quality of the embankment as a whole, and from a point of view its potential swelling.

Pyrite and swelling potential

To obtain more complete information about the potential of swelling can be associated with the presence of pyrite granular materials, the following steps are taken:

  • Visual inspection of actual or potential damage caused by pyrite inside and outside the building;
  • Location of underground services;
  • Creation of one or more wells (depending on the area and observed damage), and through the concrete slab and the embankment to the natural ground;
  • Sampling concrete embankment and natural ground;
  • Analysis Laboratory petrographic index swelling potential (PEPI) according to the protocol CTQ-M200 using the PSPI;
  • Writing a report approving the swelling potential of backfill and to predict future impacts. This will include recommendations on the need for remedial work.

All our tests are carried out under the Protocol CTQ-M200, recommended by CMHC and the SHQ.

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