Asbestos - Monitoring and analysis

Asbestos fibers analysis in the air

Enviro-option Inc. offers professional services sampling and asbestos fibers analysis in the air according to the IRSST method 243.1.

Asbestos air pump

Asbestos test control in the air

Following removal of asbestos, it is common that asbestos fibers are released into the air. Using the same methodology that the fibers sampling and analysis in the ambient air, the control test is to ensure that asbestos removal were performed adequately and safely. Our team of specialists will take care of the sample that is then analyzed by an accredited laboratory for the identification of asbestos fibers.

Microscopic asbestos fiber analyzes

Asbestos fibers sampling and analysis in the air performed by professionals

Our inspectors are certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) as inspectors and project managers.

The sample is taken using a calibrated air pump which will be regulated to pump 16 L/min for 4:30. A known volume of air is drawn through a mixed cellulose ester filter (ECM) for collecting the fibers. The filters are clarified and maintained in an index of refraction less than sor equal to 1.46 mid promoting compliance fibers.

The count of the fibers is performed using an optical microscope with phase contrast capacitor at about 400 times magnification. In the context of the Convention No.162 of the International Labour Organization, the term "respirable asbestos fibers" refers to asbestos fibers whose diameter is less than 3 microns and greater than 3 length to diameter ratio: 1. Only fibers of a length greater than 5 microns will be taken into account for purposes of measurement.

Asbestos fibers analysis are made by experienced laboratory biochemist at counting asbestos fibers .

Asbestos fiber analyzes

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