Iron Ocher

Iron ocher issue

The iron is a viscous tan residue from a biochemical phenomenon produced by the presence of oxygen, water and iron content in the soil and/or ferro-bacteria present in the water table. This orange gelatinous mass is fixed to the inner and outer walls of drains and water inlets of the submersible pump and affects the functioning of the latter. It can also be deposited in the catchment area or in the conduct of the storm sewer and clog the filter housing drain. This results in water leaking through the slab in the basement. The humidity becomes high, resulting in the appearance of condensation on windows and mold the bottom of the walls. The presence of mold in buildings can significantly decrease the quality of indoor air and cause harmful effects to the health of those who are exposed. In general, the resented effects most frequently observed are respiratory problems (asthma, allergies, etc..).

iron ocher in duct

Analysis of iron ocher

To find the right time for presence of iron ocher in your home, water withdrawals must be made from the sump inside the house or foundation drain.

iron ocher in duct

Once your samples is sent to our laboratory, allow 7 working days for time analysis. All analyses are performed by an independent accredited laboratory by a microbiologist (M Sc). The results used to estimate the risk of clogging from the concentration of ferrous ions, the pH level, and the presence of iron-oxidizing bacteria. Analysis of the ferrous ion and total iron is carried out by the colorimetric method. The bacteria of iron ocher, by microscopic observation, and the method of standardized Ochre Conduitequantification ASTM D932-85. A laboratory certificate attesting the authenticity of the results is presented with the final report.

Interpretation of results

A laboratory report include enumeration by gender and number of bacteria iron ocher, pH and Fe 2. You will also receive an interpretation about the potential for clogging index (zero, low, medium or high). The report will be emailed to you as soon as possible, and it can be sent to you by regular mail (on request ONLY). Our reports are complete, professional and detailed, allowing a better understanding of the situation and take necessary measures.

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